Training with an injury and knowing when its time to help yourself. 

There were little signs that I tried to ignore.
Some sessions the throbbing was worse than others.
Some none existent at all, so I kept going.

 If it’s not consistent, it doesn’t count, right?

At first the numbing came in waves; my pointer and thumb come to kiss as the skin slides past each other. I’m searching for  the feeling of a touch, I know i’m doing it, i’m making myself do it but It’s not there. 
My grip doesn’t seem to work, everything tingles as my arm hangs limp in its own skin.
I’m not sure how long its been but I’ve been training on what I can only self diagnose as a pinched nerve.
The bum shoulder seems to slouch a little extra with disspointment as im staring down at the ball in defeat.
Everyone around me is soaring their slams like gravity doesn’t exist and I can’t seem to get my arm to defy it.
I realize its time to stop.
Its time to give it a rest, when I say it – I mean me.
I walk away.

Learning to stop is sometimes harder than the start.

A simple movement that was once second nature now becomes a daunting;
raising my arm above my head,
a push-up,
a medicine ball slam,
a short run,
everything hurts.

Sometimes if you don’t allow yourself to stop, you’ll forced to.

It’s discouraging  when you know you can do something but physically your body isn’t letting you, like you forget who’s actually in charge –
I need to remind myself,
Always Me,
or if you’re experiencing this too, then
which means its our responsibility to fix it.
This isn’t defeat. Injury doesn’t make you weak, neglect does.
This makes you strong enough to know yourself,
to allow your body to teach you a lesson in its most humblest form.
Let me tell you why ….
(to be continued….)
Coach Britt.

Kinda Keto, Low Carb : Apple and Sage Soaked Butter Chicken

I can never decide on dinner or dessert, ever.


My sweet tooth is always up in arms with my savory tongue and they have a bad tendency to battle it out consistently the same time everyday. The war between the two starts around 5 pm and gets pretty messy pretty quickly, so I have to think fast on my feet on how to satisfy all parties attending my palette…

IMG_2657 2
With this said, I’m a huge fan of mixing fruits with my savory herb packed meats to give it a little extra oomph. It also helps me stray away from indulging in a fully sugar packed night cap before bed. Craving buster 101.
It’s fall and tis the seasons for apples…
There’s a little Keto voice inside my head telling me to walk away every time.
I’m in the supermarket, I’m staring down the that wall of glistening spheres of sweetness; with hues of amber tone and green, I just can’t help myself. I cook in color.
So, I end up giving into the forbidden fruit, pick up one of each and rummage through the rest of the aisles thinking of what I can create out of the nothing that I have stocked in my fridge.
This is what I came up with: Apple and Sage Soaked Butter Chicken. The Recipe is Keto friendly, juicy and earthy.

Why Sage?

Because I literally live off sage. I use it for almost everything. I cleanse my house with sage smudges, my body with oils,  and my mind. So naturally I’m trying to put it somewhere in my everyday life so I’ve been cooking with it a lot lately.  (I’ll post up some more recipes and home remedies soon for some holistic cooking but for now, try out this one)

The smell of sage is like a crisp fog morning sitting by a desolate lake. It’s clean, musky and dewy with leaves that resemble basil dripped in velvet. Everything about sage is calming and cleansing, it’s even more beneficial on the body when ingested.


How about them apples?

Apples are like little orbs of crimson antioxidant packed balls that are so versatile for any dish, at any time of the day.

Heart-healthy full of fiber and containing an  miracle antioxidant called quercetin, which helps protect against heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Pair with cinnamon (to control blood sugar, you can help control your insulin levels from spiking so much).
Heres the catch with all of this. I cook through feeling and am a firm believer that cooking is an art form and with any art it needs to be created with purpose.
I hate the idea of telling someone how to create something even more so than I hate the idea of measuring things out and timers honestly just give me anxiety.The project should have your full attention and intention.When creating something it should be yours and yours alone… I mean you will be the one eating it won’t you?
I’ve used words like “dash” or “roughly” this or that mainly because this is up to your discretion. I love the taste of sage so I loaded up, you might be new to the herb so you’ll want to experiment.  You know what you like, add more, add less or change it completely; become your own chief.
 So my recipes are pretty much just a guideline, just like with anything else in life…
Think, template.
This will always leave an element of surprise. If you try this recipe let me know what you think, tell me how you’ve changed it so I can create something new too.
These are the ingredients I used:
1 gala apple
4-5 garlic cloves
Half of an onion
20 sage springs (or a small bundle)
2 chicken leg quarters
Himalayan Pink Salt and Pepper to taste
2 inches of fresh ginger
4 tbsish of butter
ABOUT a 1/2 cup of chicken broth.
Dash of Cummin
Dash of Paprika for spice
and a few cinnamon sticks.
Preheat oven 300 degrees.
Before prepping the chicken, pat the skin really dry (I couldn’t done a better job with this one honestly) the more dry, the more crispier the skin.
Slice apples, garlic, ginger, sage, and thyme and stuff the ingredients under the skin to get the meat soaked in flavor. Cut some extra to place inside the cooking pot. Use something oven friendly so you don’t have plastic sage soaked chicken please.
Add broth, apples, cinnamon sticks, sage, thyme, onions, garlic and butter.
Cover with foil and bake for 40 minutes. (I kept checking on my chickens every 15 minutes just to see what level of brown we were working with)
After 40ish minutes I raised the temp to 425 and baked for another 20.
For the last 10-15 minutes I took off the foil and let the chicken brown.
Eat well,
feel well,
be well.
-Coach Britt 🙂

Progress is not a race, here’s why eating that cookie is the best thing you can do for yourself.

I’m checking the scale again for the forth time this week to see if the numbers are changing.

Each time it’s different.

Monday higher, Wednesday lighter,

Yesterday was like Monday – Tomorrow could be better but I think today I’m stuck somewhere in between. Stagnant.


I’m recalling each meal I’ve had,, how much water I’ve tried to consume and  wondering if I self sabotaged because I sneaked that cookie at work.

I’m officially feeling  sick to my stomach, I hate the scale, I hate this diet and now I hate my coworkers day of birth and that cookie.

I keep thinking…

We are experts at talking ourselves into ourselves to get out of ourselves.

I step off, I step on.

I was told not to but no one is seeing me do it, so therefor it doesn’t count, right?

If no one’s there to keep me accountable then techinically I’m not accountable, right?

Next year I will not wish that coworker a happy birthday, I’m pretty sure we can’t be friends anymkre and for the record, I will certainly never eat another cookie again.  Plus, if you ask me, pumpkin spice anything is super basic anyway. Sound farmiliar? Well, the scale part at least, I’m not trying to debate your preference in fall flavors right now, I’ll save that for another post.

Let’s just say I’ve sat with this internal dialog plenty times and that’s why I need to tell you what I’m about to tell you: progress is not a race And here’s why eating that cookie was the most important thing you could’ve done for yourself.

I need you to know, YOU ARE human.

It’s that simple. And I think we sometimes deserve to be reminded of that. As human beings we make mistakes…. no, not mistake, that’s not the word I was looking for, we make choices, yes choices. 

I like to call it the Cookie Choice Theory. The cookie choice  theory is pretty much what brings us back to center by throwing us off track. We eat a cookie, we leave behind crumbs that we will find long after it’s gone.

In short, choices are just little road maps of our lives that essentially bring us somewhere entirely different than where we are in that current moment. We are presented with choice A and C, we choose A and it brings us to B….

So you choose to eat like shit over the weekend and woke up Monday bloated, maybe a bit lethargic, barely able to get through a workout. You made a choice, you now see a difference in your body, you recognize a pattern, you learn from it and live with it.

You can not give a cookie back once it’s been eaten. You do not try to rectify what has already been done by trying to over compensate.

That means you do not train 3 times the next day to burn off those calories or guilt yourself so far deep into a binge that you demolish all your hardwork. Instead eat the cookie and see how you feel. Sure in the moment you feel great especially being deprived from sugar but something so simple has changed your way of thinking…. That right there is more progress than a scale can ever give you.


For those of you that have fallen off and got back on I salute you.

Be kind with yourself as you progress into a better you. You are your best teacher.

-Coach Britt

When You’re Midway Through The Weeds .. I mean Week… Tips To Stay On Track For The 6 Week Challenge

Don’t know what the weeds are? Let me explain….

The term “in the weeds” is something restaurant industry people like to use when you are essentially running around like a chicken without a head, trying to balance a full tray of martinis while a grumpy customer is berating  you about the temperature on his steak is cooked just a tiny too pink for his medium rare, the martini wasn’t dry enough,  you need to clean up that mess underneath table nine but  for some reason someone decided to take the ONLY  mop that we have in the restaurant home and the manager never got a new one.

The tray of martinis is now on the floor. The guy is asking to speak to your manager, you then realized you are the manager and  well … you pretty much suck. big time.

I’m talking about that moment when you realize your life is in the Weeds.


My alarm is going off, I’m frantically searching underneath my mattress for my keys at 4 in the morning because for some reason I think that’s where I put them last. The lid to my protein bottle has somehow found a home behind my stove… again. Now, I’m trying to figure out where a funnel is to delicately transfer the powder into a Poland spring bottle.  I then realize I have never bought that funnel, I’m now covered in protein, my alarm is still going off, I have no coffee and my keys have been in my hand the whole entire time.


Safe to say, I should’ve been better prepared on this one.

I like to call this; The Life Weeds.

But hey … at least I packed my food (insert shrugging shoulder emoji girl here).  I open the fridge, grab a container and accept multiple defeats but feel better I get to eat that awesome salmon I cooked last night.


Let me just say, sometimes your life is TOTALLY in the WEEDS. It’s normal. It happens. Breath. It’s okay.

Regardless of the why or what was going on to make my brain perform an intense game of twister. (I swear it holds its own weekly tournaments.) There are ways to ease up the tension.

In loo of the weigh ins, I’m going to share with you 5 simple of my tricks that have made it a little easier to stay on track with balancing life, nutrition and the gym.



I totally understand when you first commit to making a change, it becomes like another job and the only way to stay consistent is if you keep consistent, preferably at the beginning of the week. For me at least,  Sunday recovery day is when I check off  this list:


1. Make Your Coffee or Tea Ahead of Time


Caffeine gives you wings. Now, if you’re someone who catches an early morning class and rather sleep in those extra 15 minutes and wake up mid drive to the gym then this is really for you. I recently changed my schedule around which leads me to waking up 2 hours earlier than I am use to for clients, so I will take ALL the sleep my body can get. Make a pot of coffee or tea and put in the fridge the night before…. and BAM ICE COFFEE!(and you saved 4 dollars and the ecosystem from drowning in dunkin’ cups).

Not into the cold stuff because well, it’s now fall and its getting cold…. Then just fill up your coffee filter with the grinds and the water the night before. I have a secret recipe that includes, cinnamon, turmeric, and chili to aid the joints, speed up the metabolism and level out your blood sugar that I like to use. For those of you doing the “Kinda Keto” diet challenge then add a tsp of butter or coconut oil to keep you full longer and reach your calories.



This is a beginning of the week kind of thing so I’ve found Sunday to be best for this to start fresh and new for Monday.

Look over your meal plan and create some dishes that you love to last you the week. You don’t need one for EVERY meal if you don’t want to but at least have 5-6 to keep on track when you’re at work or school.

What I like to do is pick my favorite proteins and marinade them 3 different ways to give yourself variety if you’re someone who gets easily bored like me. Then grab your veggies,  roast them up and become real crafty with your salad game by throwing them all together. (Don’t worry, I have some recipes coming your way)


Hate cooking? Rather spend Sunday watching football with the family?

Fine then.

Three words..  KENKO MEAL PREP. 



It literally takes seconds and despite my 4 am nonsense, can be easily.  Before bed, Add your powders  into shaker and after class add your water and some good convo with a local Krankster over our water-fountain.

Don’t feel like hanging around after class? Like your post protein in the form of a shake? Blend a bunch and freeze them in mason jars at the beginning of the week the only thing you need to do is take it out the night before and it’ll be thawed out for you the next day.


Another little trick is to leave an extra shaker at work or in the car and get those single serve ones to leave in your shaker for emergency meals.



Drink so much water. Like so much. Carry around a big water bottle. I never thought I’d be Galon Girl but its the only way I remember to get it all in. Mainly because its really annoying to carry so I just drink it as fast as I can to get it over with.

A lot of my clients have trouble with the water thing and are use to the fruity drinks. Add some lemon to detox, mint to refresh your mind or some ginger for your digestive system and reduce inflammation. Make your own Mocktails. Get Creative. Have Fun.

5. Take A Break


See the problem is, our lives are always going a mile a minute and its not our fault. We were kind of conditioned to just keep going and going and going, until we eventually end up so far that we have lost ourselves. Life happens. Work, the Kids, family, friends – the time keeps moving and we have to make sure that so do we. In order to do that efficiently it’s important to not get overwhelmed with so much change happening all at once. Remember you this.

Giving yourself a break is THE MOST important tip I give you to keep on track and remain sane.  If we constantly dwell on the list we did not finish, the list can never expand.

You decided to be better, know that it doesn’t happen over night. Being better is trial and error, you are not going to learn what works for you, your lifestyle or your body in a generic list on a blog.

You need to figure that out for yourself. These are just guidelines to make the transition a little smoother.

Make sure you take a mental break and give yourself credit and if you mess up, learn. If you find that your keys are still being put under the mattress but you have food to eat for the rest of the week, It shows you’re trying and thats the first step.


Be prepared to be better.


Coach Britt 🙂




Why I Stopped Counting Macros And Started Living More Keto!

IMG_0133One word: Butter.

Actually not one word but thats the first word that comes to mind as I write this because well who honestly doesn’t love butter?

And if I had to choose a second word, it would defiantly be bacon. It’s funny, if someone asked me a year ago, if I adored bacon like the rest of the word I would’ve rolled my eyes and said “YUCK”.

The truth is I didn’t hate bacon, I hated the IDEA of bacon because I associated it with fat and well, I thought fat makes you fat… false.

What if I told you that you could eat it, loose weight, and physically feel better from it. Don’t believe me? I don’t blame you, when I first started this Keto based diet, I was an extreme skeptic too. Especially since that form of dieting was so foreign to my macro counting lifestyle which was essentially stripped my existence of fat.


First off, could you believe I spent 2 whole years without a stick of butter inside my fridge? Weird right?

There had been a layer of dust that formed on the the container of untouched olive oil  lingering in the shadows of my pantry for god knows how long. And for this reason alone, my grandmother would condemn me to be the worst Italain that ever was Italain in the history of Italians and spit a bunch of”fongools” into the air with disappointment.

But I digress…

Well here I was with a garbage  filled to the brim with empty arosol cans of Pam, boxes of protein treat supplements of every brand you can think of and all I was wondering was just what exactly is in that non stick mystery formula I’ve been slathering on everything I consume and why can’t I pronounce most of these ingredients in a simple seemingly healthy cookie.

I guess all that fat got to my head and had me thinking about my well being. But like, in a good way. The was the real reason for the switch, my cognitive level, my mental and physical wellbeing; taking on something a little more simplier and stepping away from all the processed junk.



Before they showed me the bacon…

I initially started with macros to put myself on track and learn more about nutriton. And I have to admit that at first it was fun. It was like a little game to me. I had three set numbers i need to fulfill. My fat, protein and carbs, all of which were tailored to me specific goals and based on body weight and level of training I was incorporating with. I want to make it clear I was NOT training for a show, I have NEVER competed and at that point when I started, I wasn’t a coach. I just wanted to learn something new and figure out a way for me to just eat more but more of the right things.

This system of burning fat while gaining muscle seemed nice and simple for someone like me who thrives on order.


It’s fun until it isn’t anymore, 

 especially when you leave out the part that you had an eating disorder.

My protein was the equivalent of my weight but in grams, which lead me to guzzling down protein shakes before bed and force feeding myself chicken and egg whites everyday.  My fat intake was limited to only being able to consume about a four tablespoon of peanut butter. So if you thought for a second I was going to waste my numbers on something silly like butter or olive oil to cook with, then you obviously don’t know about much I really like peanut butter.and as far as carbs were concerned, I was eating about 3 cups of rice a day or a pint of ice cream just to reach a number. Honestly, now that I think of it, I should have bought stocks in halo top.

The numbers got to me, physically and mentally.



That little game turned into a daunting war zone inside my head where I became addicted to logging macros into my Fitness Pal to the T, literally stopping mid task at every part of the day just to make sure I would reach said number. Id be mixing together the strangest concoction of food just to achieve that number. Some nights I went to bed feeling so sick from it and on others, starving from my body not getting enough of what it needs.

I continued to see the results, so I kept going. It’s always about the chase but where was the end? 

See the thing is, when I fell off (which I did because I am human) I really fell off hard and with a mouthful of guilt being surrounded by empty peanut butter jars and candy wrappers in loo of my lack of control and stress of fitting that perfect number, everyday.  Why? Because counting macros isn’t a way to live.

I was reaching a fake number but not my nutrients.



But it was the Carbs that started to hurt me the most…

Aside of the mayhem of keeping order, what made me gravitate towards the bacon was that I noticed that I was in pain a lot, more so than usual. And although with the training intensity I did, there was obvious pressures place on the joints and muscles, but I just felt that something wasn’t right. I kept getting hurt consistently every few weeks and it was always the same problem areas: my hips and my knees. Which I see is the most common problem areas. I noticed on days I’d have way too many carbs the night before, I woke stiff and aching, feeling fatigued and hazy. Almost always. I was consuming 5-6 cups of coffee a day to get by. And yes, trust me, I know how bad that is.



While reviewing my fitness pal log I realized I was hitting the bullseye with my macro game but not my calorie intake was abnormally low. On my good days, I was reaching maybe between 1,000 to 1,200 calories a day and for reference, a person who is bound to a hospital bound needs about that much in order to stay alive and here I am doing 100 burpees for fun running on the same amount of fuel. By no means, was I eating enough. I had completely destroyed my metabolism, I stopped seeing results and honestly, I felt really shitty.

My mood would swings were constantly up and down. Not to mention my hormone levels and menstrual cycle was completely out of whack. And studies have shown that for woman, eating a higher fat diet is actually healthy for fertility and menstruation. (I’ll talk more about that and my PCOS at a later time)

Overall, something needed to change and Pete knew that that something was my diet.

Carbs make you bloated.


I was waking up almost every morning feeling like I was just swollen and puffy. The pain was getting unbearable some days and it was because of all the bread.

Carbs turn into sugar. Sugar causes inflammation of the joints. Inflamed joints turn into pain and so on and so on. This was why I was getting hurt all the time… The hips, the knees,  everything was kind of making sense….


So what If we took out the carbs? What would happen? What happened was exactly what we thought, the pain alleviated. I got less puffy, the bloating subsides, I had a lot of energy, not at first because your body needs time to adjust to a life without carbs. Once I spent a few weeks stripped of no carbs I moved into a different phase, I started incorporating them for performance purposes.

I started eating for feeling. 


I eat carbs when I feel like I need to at this point or spare them for a cocktail.  Sometimes I usually add a carb reload day and taking in about 30 grams, usually a large banana with my post protein shake. I have my rice at night. And I know what some of  you are thinking “OMG IF I EAT HEAVY CARBS AT NIGHT IM GOING GET FAT WHEN IM SLEEPING. FALSE. I eat my complex carbs at night because it helps me sleep better.

Its the same reason why I AVOID carbs in the morning, It spikes my insulin and then I crash and I found myself being tired, almost always.


I keep my carbs to mainly berries and bananas mid day or any other fruit my body reacts okay with (this does not count in my cup of veggies that I pair with every meal – because what have we learned here? WE NEED VITAMINS!!! WE NEED TO BE HEALTHY!!

Making the switch was the best thing I could’ve done for myself, mentally and physically. I feel better, I hurt less, I can relax more and my body is learner and I perform faster. A more Keto based diet helped me make better choices because I’m not robbing myself of anything. I’m avoiding the awkward stare from the table when I modify my dinner order and telling the waiter to hold the oil at every restaurant I walk into.


 I haven’t experienced any chronic pain since I started. I feel less like a stiff sleepy noodle and more like my strong self than I have in a while.


Lets try to just to learn to get better from our yesterdays, for all your tomorrows.

Be well.  

Coach Britt 🙂





“I feel like I’m about to die, but in a good way” Will Runfeldt Story Teaches Us How To Live

I heard about him, his story, he was Krankster of the Month. 

I’ve seen him around but I’ve never spoken to him directly. 

I wanted him to call me so I could hear how his voice sounds instead of a recording.

As the line started to ring, I wondered if I’d cry again with his words directed towards me.

After I hung up, my screen was bathed in a puddle of tears.

So before we begin, the answer is yes, yes I would defiantly cry again.



It’s cheerful with an easy hum,

“How are you Will?” I ask.

He says,

“I feel like I’m about to die,” 

there is a heavy breathing in his rhythm before he answers…

“But in a good way”

He just left one of our classes. 

I know how he feels, 

we all do.

The end of the receiver is pressed against a smirk; 

“Always in the best way.” I say.

He laughs, 

“If you told me two years ago id be going to the gym 6 days a week, me and my doctors would be laughing at you”


So tell me how you got here…


“I guess at first you don’t feel like anything is wrong, like you’re pretty much normal.”

 The cadence of words drift towards the past,

“Even when the doctors told me the reality of it, 

I didn’t take it seriously.”

There’s a slight pause as his breath steadies to the air exhaling out of his cars vents,

 “Even if you don’t feel something, I learned you still have acknowledge that it’s there.”

Will was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes 25 years ago.

“I still can’t believe it took me this long to do something about it.”

So what happened?

“I started with medicine, but I wasn’t consistent. After that, the doctors decided to move me to shots but I wasn’t consistent with that either,”

His words are sharp with realization;

“Over time the numbers got worse, nothing was helping, I wasn’t helping myself. 

They told me they would save my life. That’s when the doctors put in the pump.”

Will now has a permanent device attached to his body that constantly pumps insulin to keep him regulated. He suffers from Aortic Stenosis, an enlarged heart.

 Diabetic Retinopathy leaves his eyes in a hue of crimson from the blood vessels bursting like little balloons filled with too much sugar.

 From this, his eyesight is diminishing.

“I’ll mostly go blind.” He says.

 He tells me his body travels with aches and pains; from the nerves in his feet, all the way up to to the tip of his spine. 

All the broken bones he has endured were from the complications of the disease.

“My body is basically a mess.” He tells me in a matter of tone.

I think if  strong could have it’s own sound attached to it, his voice would be it.

“I kept telling myself I would take care of it, I just never did.”

Why Now?

“My wife, my father, and the guilt.” 

With a mouthful of heavy he tells me about how their passing,


“My father was always a big guy. My sister and I would swing from his arms, like little dumbbells.”

There’s a smile to his voice,  “I thought he was the strongest man in the world, I still do.” A slight pause as he takes a deep breath in,

 “I realized he was the strongest man I will ever know. You see, my fathers death and his disease, he had no control over. My wife didn’t either. But I do, diabetes is something that can be controlled.”

He continues, “Two years after my fathers passing, I lost my wife to heart complications. Before putting her on life support, I made a promise to her that I would take better care of myself, a friend told me about the gym and I gave it a shot.”


Will tells me that Krank wasn’t the first attempt at getting healthy. He had signed up to a gym close to his house.

“They would take my money every month but they didn’t actually care. Thats the difference. Krank and all the coaches at krank truly care. When I first started coming Pete implemented a plan, setting goals and motivating me throughout the whole process. It’s not only the coaches but the people. Everyone in my class is so supportive. I’ll be honest, I’m usually the one that finishes last but no one eery judges me. ”

A  laugh gets stuck between his words as he says,

” I truly love coming here. Even when I feel like I’m dying from the workout, I enjoy the pain.”

“But what truly is amazing is that my symptoms started to reverse. I spent 25 years thinking that was impossible, but Krank made is possible. I don’t have kids but I have nieces and nephews and if there’s one thing I want them to know it’s, learn from my mistakes. Don’t ignore your doctors. I spent years going to town on junk food and not caring about reality which led me to having to stick myself with a needle ten times a day. I am constantly pricking my fingers, stomach, anywhere I can find.”

Will takes a deep sigh,

“I was running out of spots, I couldn’t find a place to bleed anymore.”


Control the controllable. 


“It took me 25 years to fix this but what I want everyone to know is that if you want something, you can do it, nothing is impossible.”

Before hanging up the phone Will leaves me with something so simple, yet so profound;

“I really want to thank you guys…

Krank didn’t change my life,

honestly, it saved it.”


Now, for the days you feel like nothing can change I want you to think of  this Krankster of the Month, Will Runfeldt.

Know that anything is possible.

You deserve to be happy and healthy.

Life is too short to be half lived.

Thinking of you,

-Coach Britt

(For more writing by Britt, Click here)

The 3 S’s – Nutley NJ Personal Trainer

The 3 S’s

Life-changing results…  Everyone wants them…  Few get them…


man wearing yellow running shoes
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Note, this lesson can apply to any area of your life – fitness, finances, family, friends, fun…any other f’s?  I know one that I use very well 😁

But, since my area of expertise is weight loss and Fitness, I’ll go with that…

Also, the foundation of this lesson (the 3 S’s) comes from Tony Robbins.

According to the CDC, over 70% of Americans are overweight!  WOW!!

38% of them are considered obese!  CMON!!

Yet, when you Google “weight loss programs” you get 31,500,000 results.

Clearly there’s not a lack of information out there.

There are lots of STRATEGIES.

YES!  Much of them are conflicting and confusing, and it’s hard to know who to trust…

So, obviously, you need to have a proven strategy – shameless plug (not the point of this blog) coming…

The Krank Nutley is our PROVEN strategy, and we can now proudly say several people have just taken Krank and dramatically changed their lives, including weight losses of 10, 20 and even 40+ pounds in only a few months!

HOWEVER, while having the right strategy is important – even life changing – it often isn’t enough…



The stories we tell ourselves have more power than the best strategies.

book book pages college education
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In my line of work, I hear stories like:

  • “I’m big boned.”
  • “I have bad genetics.”
  • “My metabolism sucks.”
  • “I don’t have time.”
  • “I can’t afford it.”

These are the storylines unsuccessful people get caught up in.

It reminds me of Jennifer Grant’s book Dying to Be Good Enough (another plug for a great book ;-b)

In it, she talks about how she let her childhood stories (which she shares in detail) dictate her adult life leaving her with the belief, “I’m not good enough, nobody likes me, so why even bother?”

So long as she hung on to her story (generally the “safe” thing to do) her life wasn’t going to change…

And, that leads me to STATE.

Think of your state of being as the energy you have towards something, the “zone” you’re in.

When you’re stuck in your sh#tty story or you’re just not surrounding yourself with supportive people…you’re not living in a very good state.  And, when that’s the case, no matter what you do nothing seems to work. You create this energy.

Have you been there?  F#ck knows I have.

So, here’s basically what we need to do:

  • Find a community of people that will help you alter your STATE
  • See that your STORY is in the past and doesn’t control your present and should have no bearing on your future
  • Implement the proven strategies to achieve the results you desire

This is what I’ve found to work for so many clients; this is what I’m so passionate about creating and doing for people…

  • I believe being part of the Krank Nutley community literally alters your STATE. You have no choice when you have people like them around
  • It helps you let go of your STORY and replace it with a new one (It won’t change your past, but it will alter your present, and help create an amazing future).
  • And, it provides the proven STRATEGY to lose weight, get in great shape, and become the BEST version of YOU!

I suppose this lesson did turn into a plug for Krank…but ohh well I truly believe we change lives.

On that note, I’ll just start advertising for our summer 6-week fall Challenge.

Don’t let those summer stories hold you back:

  • “I’m traveling a bunch.”
  • “I’ve got so much going on with the kids.”
  • “I’m going to exercise outside more.”


I’ve heard them all.

They rarely end well.

By the end of the summer, most of these people have packed on the BBQ TEN – they gain 10 pounds in the 10 weeks of summer!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Alter your STATE.
  2. Change your STORY.
  3. Follow a proven STRATEGY.

Good luck, and remember, my TEAM and I are here to coach you along the way.  You just have to holler atcha boy. Or DM me. <<—-if you don’t know what that means. Email me back or even text me at 973-202-4813

Be awesome!

Coach Pete Isip

Nutley NJ Personal Trainer

PS. Just in case you don’t know me to well. You can check out me and my family on this months Nutley Neighbors. We love out community and want to help people change lives one person at a time.

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