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What exactly is “mindful eating” Nutley Fitness Fans?

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Mindful eating includes tuning in, not only to the body’s hunger or satiety, but also to its response to the food.

I am going to challenge you to really slow down, be present, and take a look at how you are eating.

How you eat can be just as important as you we eat… Eating mindfully will give you the ability to eat less overall yet still leave you nutritionally, physically, emotionally, and mentally satisfied.

Take a moment to think about how you feel when you eat slowly while sitting down with good company.  My guess is that feeling is much different than when you eat while driving, watching TV, or standing at the kitchen counter.

Slow Down When You Eat

We have all had those times when we ate a meal that left us bloated, regretful, or feeling like we hadn’t eaten at all.  It is likely that during that meal you didn’t really taste your food, ate very quickly, and your environment didn’t support mindful and conscious eating.

What if you left the table feeling light, lean, full of energy, but yet satisfied?

Well you can!

However, I’m going to tell you that while it’s SIMPLE it’s not EASY.  It’s going to take a bit of practice.

Always, no matter the situation, EAT SLOWLY.

When people eat fast, they end up eating more.  But even with more food, they don’t feel satisfied.  Five minutes later, they are looking for seconds or dessert.  An hour later, they are looking for a snack.

Quite the opposite happens to those that eat slowly.  Those individuals usually end up eating a lot less, yet they feel more satisfied.  They also feel calmer and happier.  They don’t have to think about eating less, they just naturally do it.

Why is eating slowly so important?

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Your brain doesn’t get the signal that you’re full until about 20 minutes after you start eating.  I would bet that most of your meals don’t even last that long.

The process of seeing your food, to the moment it hits your intestines, to your body making enzymes and hormones to digest the food, and then tell your brain that you have had enough is S – L – O – W.

But here is the great thing:  your body “knows” how much it needs.  Your job is to help it by eating slowly and mindfully.  Eat slowly and then trust your body.

This will take practice, and then some more practice…

Eat to 80% Full

Most of us eat, or continue eating, regardless of whether our bodies actually need that food.  We often don’t stop eating until the plate (or container) is empty.

Eating to 80% can help us to eat consciously, “tune in” to our body’s true hunger and satiation signals, improve our digestion, and be a foundational practice we can always come back to.

However, it may give you an uneasy feeling to actually leave food on your plate and listen to the cues your body gives you when it has had enough food.  Many people feel this way.  “Wasting food” can feel bad.  It can bring up the past or heavy emotions.  It’s important to recognize and work through these thoughts and feelings.

Unprocessed foods (such as fresh vegetables & fruits, animal proteins, healthy fats) will help you feel full sooner and for longer.  Processed foods mess with your body’s natural signals, and you’ll often never get to the 80% full point.

So, when you eat, stop eating just a little sooner than you normally would or try using a smaller plate.  Eating slowly will help you to do that.  These two habits will take a lot of practice, the idea is to just do a little bit better today and then build from there.

I will tell you that eating slowly is definitely one of my struggles, but I continue to work on it.  Progress, not perfection, right? Well I definitely am not perfect in any aspect.

I’m a human being just like you.

Just a work in progress.

Be Awesome!

Coach Pete Isip

Best Personal Trainer in Nutley NJ

Thats my boy. A reminder of why living a long healthy life is important to me.

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Do You Follow These 10 Eating Habits? Best Personal Trainer Nutley NJ

Top 10 Habits of Highly Effective Eaters

ATTENTION NUTLEY NJ: Clean eating is all about forming lifelong habits that will get you to LOSE FAT and KEEP IT OFF.

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Here are 10 of the most significant habits you will need to develop in order to be a healthy eater

1. Breakfast: Every Morning!

-Breakfast high in protein and fats sets the tone for the rest of your day. If you’re not eating breakfast, start making it a point to do so every day. You will be less hungry throughout the rest of the day and less likely to binge on snacks or overeat at other meals. Also what goes on the plate is important. If you just eat fruit and bagels in the morning don’t expect to last very long. You will crash. Enjoy a nice 3 eggs omelet with veggies of your choice and even a hand full of macadamia nuts.

2. Eat Throughout the Day (Every 3 or 4 Hours)

– You shouldn’t eat based solely on hunger. If you eat small meals throughout the day and have healthy snacks (Greek yogurt, nuts, etc.), you will be less likely to give into the temptation of splurging on pizza, fries, and other junk food. This just helps me stay sane.

3. All Calories are NOT the Same

-Calorie counting is not the most important thing in the world. Eating 500 calories of grass-fed beef or wild caught salmon is not the same as eating 500 calories of potato chips. The former is rich in essential nutrients and protein, the latter has no nutritional benefit and will leave you still hungry an hour later. Quality and I’ll talk about that more in my videos. If you haven’t subscribed to Personal trainer Nutley NJ on Youtube then do so.

4. Real, Whole Foods vs. Processed Foods

-We will talk throughout this guide about what foods to eat; just know that it’s typically better to eat something that was once a living, breathing animal or plant rather than something you will find sealed in a bag or can.

5. Protein, Produce, Protein, Produce…

-It’s time to trim the inessential carbs. Protein is a major muscle-building source, and foods that are high in protein leave you satisfied for longer than high carb foods. Eating protein will help boost your metabolism.

As for produce, well, you have always been told to eat fruits and vegetables and that hasn’t changed. Produce is essential for feeling full, meeting your daily requirements of vitamins and nutrients, and for burning fat for good.

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6. Cut Out the Sugar!

-Sugar is the biggest source of weight gain for most people. Whether it’s in your breakfast cereal, candy, soft drinks, or added to your coffee, sugar will mess with your insulin levels, slow your metabolism, and cause you to pack on the pounds. AVOID IT!

Easy step: If you drink soda….STOP NOW! You will immediately see a difference.

7. Omega 3

-Omega 3 has a host of benefits for fat loss. You can find it in grass-fed beef and poultry, wild caught seafood, walnuts, flax, and other foods. You can also take fish oil supplements, but only in addition to healthy food sources, not as a replacement. Know the difference in the fats you take in.

8. Eat or Drink after Workouts

-When you do resistance and weight training, you need to eat and/or drink soon after a workout. Getting your body the fuel it needs is essential to having a good metabolism and building lean muscle mass. A good ratio would be 50/50 protein to carbs here.

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9. Write it Down

-Keep a food log. Know what you eat. If you can chart your progress, you can know where you’re going wrong, where you’re doing well, and how you can make adjustments to be more successful.

10. Consistency is Key

-Don’t sweat the details at the expense of putting forth the effort. Too many restrictive diets suck all the joy out of eating. They only leave you craving more, and you wind up binge eating. Make a consistent effort to incorporate clean eating into your lifestyle, and don’t get bogged down counting calories, watching points, or any of the other fluff diet nonsense that can sidetrack you.

I hope this article list helps you a bit in your journey to become fitter and stronger. If you have any questions please feel free to reach me at and we can talk.

Talk soon!

Coach Pete Isip

Best Personal Trainer in Nutley NJ

Guide to Eating Healthy in Restaurants

Lets Win Together! Here is a guide line for you all to follow when you have to go out to eat and still watch yourself while trying to reach your fitness goals. Eating out is tough and does require self discipline. At the end of the day your choice to be better has to be larger than the temptations in your face.

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By choosing to have a healthy diet and engaging in clean eating, you are making a serious effort to take control over the foods you put into your body. I have made a point throughout this healthy eating guide of consistency. Consistency is the single most important factor in maintaining a healthy diet and achieving lasting fat loss. Ultimately, every meal and/or snack comes down to a choice. At any given point, you are forced to choose what to eat.

However, no one can completely avoid being in certain circumstances in which it is difficult to know how to decide what to eat. When you are dining out of the home, you are faced with a menu of foods with which you may not be familiar.

While it might seem like this is a bad thing, it doesn’t have to be. As a matter of fact, your decision to enjoy clean eating is not just a restrictive diet, but rather a lifestyle change. For it to really work, you have to learn how to eat in any environment, be it in the home, at work, during the holidays, or at a restaurant.

Nevertheless, you may have some questions about how to ensure that you make the right food choices when you are not the one preparing your own meals. As such, here are some helpful guidelines for eating out:

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“No Bread for Me, Thank You” ( I know it sucks)

Most restaurants offer some kind of empty-calorie filler for the table before they bring you the actual main course. At pizza joints, waiters often suggest some sort of fried appetizer for the group before the pizza. In other types of restaurants (especially Italian), there is an even greater temptation to indulge because they provide you with free bread. Mexican restaurants are usually no better, as they make chips and salsa plentifully available.

Just as bad as this, though, is the fact that many fine dining establishments incorporate bread, tortillas, and other empty carbohydrates into their main courses. How do you handle the situation?

The answer is simple: politely ask that they not bring you bread. If you order a hamburger, try getting it wrapped in lettuce rather than on a bun. Going to Chipotle? Try the burrito bowl instead of the regular burrito.

Do Your Homework

Most restaurants have an online presence. A simple search using one of the popular internet databases will help you find the restaurant’s menu online. If you cannot find the nutrition facts on the company’s website, try searching “[Restaurant Name] Nutrition Facts” and see what you can find on a third party website.

“What’s on that?”

Do not be afraid to ask your waiter what comes with a meal or what kinds of ingredients are used to prepare it. If you are ordering seafood, ask if the fish is farm-raised or wild-caught. There is a HUGE difference. Wild salmon, tuna, and other fish are rich in Omega-3, whereas farm raised animals are often fed with low-quality foods. The animal’s diet fundamentally changes their nutritional content.

Make sure you find out what sides come with the entrée. Instead of French fries, try to substitute vegetables, salad, or another healthy option if it is available.

Cook Most of Your Meals

While you cannot avoid eating out every once in a while, it is in your best interest to still cook most of your meals yourself. By preparing your own meals, you are in control of what goes into the cooking process. You control the ingredients and the types of meat or fish.

Hope this helps!

Be awesome!

Coach Pete Isip

Nutley NJ Best Personal Trainer

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Here is a check list from our Krank Nutley 6 Week Challenge:

6 Week Man Up Challenge

Eating Out Guide

Before you leave:

  • Check out the menu online.
  • Look or ask if a ‘gluten free’ menu is available if you are gluten sensitive.
  • Drink 8oz of water before you leave home.
  • Eat something light before you go like a protein shake so that you are not starving when you get there!

Ordering at the Restaurant:

  • Always order sauce on the side
  • Choose a protein with 2 vegetables and a healthy fat
  • Stay away from bread
  • Change it up – if meat over pasta, ask for the same but over salad instead.
  • Avoid fried food
  • Easy on the salt
  • Add extra vegetables
  • For breakfast, instead of potatoes, ask for sliced tomatoes or fruit

More Tips:

  • You can ask for steamed vegetables as a side (no butter)
  • You can order a grilled meats dry
  • Ask for a lettuce wrap instead of bread or a bun

Food Exchanges

  • Spaghetti  Spaghetti squash or other veggies
  • Chips  Baked sweet potato chips or beet chips or kale chips
  • Fries  Baked sweet potato or other potato
  • Rice  Quinoa
  • Mashed potatoes  Veggies
  • Pizza Crust  Gluten free thin crust
  • Baking with flour  Almond flour or coconut flour
  • Salt  lemon juice or other dry seasonings
  • Milk/Dairy  Avoid
  • Potatoes at breakfast  Sliced tomatoes
  • Bread  Lettuce wrap
  • Mayonnaise  Mustard
  • Sugar  Stevia
  • Sour cream  Smaller serving on the side
  • Toast  Wheat toast dry
  • Croutons  Nuts
  • Bowl of ice cream  Small Bowl of frozen fruit

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Krank eating out guide from Peter Isip best personal trainer in Nutley NJ

Lose 10 Pounds and gain muscle – Nutley NJ Personal Trainer

Whats up there Nutley NJ!

As a personal trainer/fat loss coach in the area I wanted to share a few diet tips that may help you better understand and filter out all the noise you read online.
In this video you will learn how to lose 10 pounds and gain muscle 🙂
Even more importantly you learn learn how to succeed in the fitness game these days.

I have been a personal trainer for over 20 years now and have seen and done it all.
There is a lot of garbage out there and this video is just a mockery of what most people think and do.
If you really want long lasting results please take the time to message me or contact me at

Hope you have an awesome day

-Coach Pete Isip

Nutley NJ Best Personal Trainer

Pic of me and one of my clients/friends after being crown the Krankster of the Year aka Prom Queen


Do you have a morning routine?

Do you have a morning routine Nutley NJ?

One that you feel really good about?

Does it set you up for a successful day?

This week, I’m actually experimenting with mine.


There are key things that I know, if I get done BEFORE I go to Krank Nutley, this will make me more productive and happier with life in general…

To some, this might seem weird or even fantasy – like, yeah, someday when I’m not so busy I’ll have a nice routine – but the reality is, you have a morning routine right now.  It just might be a frantic, crazy, high strung, rushed routine…but it’s still your routine. You set the pattern and the mind takes it in.

I’m not suggesting that you can just ignore your responsibilities (perhaps getting the kids ready for school or getting to Krank 🙂 )… I am suggesting that there just might be 10 minutes that you can squeeze in for yourself to make life a little more enjoyable…

After all, isn’t life meant to be enjoyed?

F#$% Yeah it is Nutley!

I do believe that we often get so caught up in our day to day stuff that we fall into a routine that feels more like a “rut.”


That’s often the immediate, automatic response, right?

But, here’s a quote from Tony Robbins I think is a smack in the face many of us need:

“If you don’t have 10 minutes, you don’t have a life.”

Seriously.  If you can’t take just 10 minutes each morning to dedicated to making your day better than what kind of life do you really have?

By the way, you may just need to get up 10 minutes earlier.  Like I said, it’s not about skirting your daily responsibilities.

In fact, because I want to squeeze a few more things into my routine, I’m experimenting this week with new wake-up times.

Now, you may be wondering, “what kinds of things go into a morning routine?”

I think that’s a very personal question, but here is what I do every morning:

  • Cold Shower Immediately :30 seconds to 1 min
  • Gratitude journal 1:00
  • Gratitude Out Loud less than 1:00
  • Meditate/ Breathing Exercise 5:00 or more
  • Krank Nutley Workout ( about an hour )
  • Tell my Family I love them
  • Dogs and Learning (Audio)

The possibilities are endless.  It’s really up to you.

Here’s a video where Tony Robbins explains his minimum 10 minute routine to Oprah:


If you’ve got a morning routine that you find really beneficial, I’d love to know what it is.  Please comment back and let me know.  Maybe I’ll add a piece of yours to mine.  🙂

I know, for many, working out at Krank  is a key part of their morning routine.  It sets the tone for their day.  For others, like me, an afternoon/evening workout is the perfect transition between work and home.

I just wanted to throw out a reminder –  6-week  Challenge that starts in a few weeks.  Those interested click Here at Nutley NJ.

Contact me today to set up your first personal training session and lets get to reaching your fitness goals.